Table 1: Factor loadings and item parameters of the BEE scale.

Item mean (SDa)Factor loadingCorrected item-total-correlationCommunality

I am sure my body is well prepared for illness…
 ... even if I sometimes expect too much of it.2.91 (0.74) 0.680.590.47
 ... even if I am exposed to a lot of pathogens in public.2.98 (0.78)0.570.490.32
 ... even if I am stressed. 2.58 (0.76)0.610.520.37
I am sure my body is strong enough to overcome an illness by itself…
 ... even if I am so ill that I have to stay in bed.3.01 (0.71)0.680.570.46
 ... even if I have an illness over a longer period.2.65 (0.74)0.620.510.38

Standard deviation.
Excluded item:... even if I do not take many precautions (e.g., wash hands regularly, wear a face mask, prevent contact with people who are contagious, get a flu vaccine, or take dietary supplements).