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Research Article

Tai Chi for Essential Hypertension

Table 1

Characteristics and methodological quality of included studies.

Study IDSampleDiagnosis standardInterventionControlCourseOutcome measure

Wei et al. 2003 [25]46Unclear 24-type Tai Chiroutine care12 mBP
Han et al. 2010 [26]601999 WHO-ISH GMH24-type Tai Chiroutine care60 mBP
Wang et al. 2011 [27]30CGMH-200524-type Tai Chiroutine care12 wBP
Tang 2009 [28]321999 WHO-ISH GMHTai Chi + controlcilazapril (25 mg qd)6 mBP
Chen et al. 2011 [29]441CGMH-2005Tai Chiroutine care24 mBP
Mao and Sha 2006 [30]62CGMH-199924-type Tai Chiroutine care8 wBP
Yi et al. 1990 [31]20Unclear Tai Chireserpine (4 mg tid), or compound rutin tablets (20 mg tid)18 mBP
Chen 2011 [32]61CGMH-2005Tai Chiroutine care12 mBP
He et al. 2011 [33]49CGMH-200524-type Tai Chi, 48-type Tai Chi, and Yang-type Tai Chiroutine care20 wBP
Lo et al. 2012 [34]58Unclear Yang-type Tai Chiroutine care8 wBP
Wang 2007 [35]46Unclear 24-type Tai Chiroutine care8 mBP
Luo 2006 [36]841999 WHO-ISH GMH24-type Tai Chi + controlcilazapril (2.5–5.0 mg qd)6 mBP
Wang et al. 2007 [37]841999 WHO-ISH GMH48-type Tai Chiroutine care6 mBP
Zhou 2007 [38]120JNC-724-type Tai Chiroutine care12 wBP
Chen and Lv 2006 [39]40CGMH-2005Chen-type Tai Chi + controlnifedipine (50–100 mg qd)10 wBP
Song and Yu 2011 [40]50Unclear 12-type Tai Chiroutine care2 mBP
Wang et al. 2011 [41]60Unclear Tai Chiroutine care16 wBP
Lee 2004 [42]28JNC-6Tai Chiroutine care6 wBP

m: month; w: week.