Table 3: Histopathological sections of stomach mucosa.

GroupsHistological observations on stomach mucosa

Group I PL controlUlcerated mucosa showing discontinuity in the lining epithelium with edematous submucosa
Group II aspirin + PL ControlUlcerated mucosa showing hemorrhage and discontinuity in the lining epithelium with exudates in the lumen with submucosal edema
Group III Ranitidine + aspirin + PLNormal mucosa with no ulcer, edema in the submucosa
Group V
HAOP (100 mg/kg/p.o) + aspirin + PLNormal mucosa with, small atrophic glands, no edema, mild muscularis mucosa
Group VII
MOP (100 mg/kg/p.o) + aspirin + PLNormal mucosa with mild hyperplasia and mild edematous submucosa