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A Survey of Chinese Medicinal Herbal Treatment for Chemotherapy-Induced Oral Mucositis

Table 2

Clinical trials for chemotherapy-induced mucositis.

No.Author/yearFormulaDrug applicationStudy designUlcer classificationControl groupRandom/blindingEffect/control,
case number

4.1 Xu and Han2006 [28]Evodiae fr. Acupoint applicationCase studyNoNo No/No92% improved/no control

4.2Loo et al.
2010 [31]
Rhodiola algida Oral administrationRandomized group comparisonWHO scaleBasic treatmentYes *5/NoImproved (ulcer size and number)

4.3Shi and Shan
2009 [34]
Catechu Topical applicationRandomized group comparisonClinical judgementTopic norfloxacin powderYes *5/No100%/73.3% improved

4.4Wang et al.
2010 [37]
Periplaneta americana Gargle solutionRandomized group comparisonWHO scaleSaline gargleYes *5/No64%/16% improved

5.1aMa and Song
2005 [44]
Lonicerae fl. Glycyrrhiza r. Oral administr. + gargle solutionRandomized group comparisonWHO scaleBoxax gargleYes *5/No80.6%/14.8% improved

2005 [45]
Lonicerae fl, Glycyrrhiza r. Gargle solutionRandomized group comparisonClinical judgementPeroxide gargleRandom number table/No95.3%/76.7% improved

5.2Bao et al.
2008 [47]
Lonicerae fl. Ophiopogonis r. Astragali memb. r. Gargle solutionRandomized group comparisonWHO scaleDobell’s solution gargleYes *5/No30%/5% improved for ulcer grading, no effect on healing time

5.3Chen et al.
2005 [48]
Lonicerae fl. Ophiopogonis r. Platycodonis r. Oral administrationRandomized group comparisonUlcer sizeFuracilin gargle oral vit B1 + C metronidazol infusionYes *5/No93%/73.8% improved

5.4Wu Zhu YF et al.
2009 [49]
Lonicera fl. Glycyrrhiza r. Menthae hapl. h. Chrysanthemi fl. Ganoderma luc. Topical ice cube applicationRandomized group comparisonWHO scaleDobell’s solution gargleYes *5/No86.9%/60.9% improved

5.5Wang et al.
2006 [50]
Sheng Mai San *1Intravenous injectionRandomized group comparisonClinical judgementDexamethasone MCP ondansetr. injectionYes *5/No94.5%/71.5% improved

5.6Jin et al.
2009 [51]
Bubali cornu, Callicarpae mac. fol. Oral administer. + gargle solution Randomized group comparisonWHO scale VAS
Saline, gentamycin, tetrahydrofolate gargle/oral oryzanol Yes *5/No93.3%/93.3%/7.8% improved

5.7Hou et al.
2001 [52]
Phellodendri c. Forsythiae fr. Galla chin. Verbenae h. Catechu Borneolum + salineGargle solution Randomized group comparisonClinical judgementNo Yes *5/No96.2%/76.1% improved

5.8/5.9Zhu and Zhang
1993 [53]
Yu Nu San *2/Qing Wei San*3Oral administr.Case study, clinical allocation to group 1 or 2Clinical judgementNoNo/No83.9 improved/no control

5.10/5.11Zhou et al.
2005 [54]
Chrysanthemi fl. Gardeniae fr Hypericum perf. Scrophulariae r. Sophora tonk. r./Borax, Borneolum, Indigo naturalis Oral administration + gargle solutionRandomized group comparisonUlcer size, quantityVit B12, gentamicin
and sodium bicarbonate gargle
Yes *5/No96.7% improved, shorter healing period/86.7% improved

5.12Chen and Zheng
2005 [55]
Codonopsitis r. Atractylodis mac. rh. Agastachis h. Glycyrrhiza r. Dioscoreae rh Astragali memb. r. Angelica sin. r. Alismatis rh. Lopatheri h. Rehmannia vir. r. + Centrum Wyeth Oral administr. + gargle solutionRandomized group comparisonWHO scaleVit B2Envelope lottery/No78.8%/33.3% improved

2007 [56]
Modified Xie Huang San*4 + added modulesOral administr.Randomized group comparisonWHO scaleVit B2 and Vit CYes *5/No98%/72% improved

1: Ginseng radix, Ophiopogonis radix, Schisandrae chinensis fructus.
2: Gypsum fibrosum, Rehmanniae viridae radix, Anemarrhenae rhizoma, Ophiopogonis radix, Achyranthis bidentatae radix.
3: Coptidis rhizoma, Cimicifugae rhizoma, Rehmanniae viridae radix, Moutan cortex, Angelicae sinensis radix, Achyranthis bidentatae radix.
4: Gypsum fibrosum, Saposhnikoviae radix, Gardeniae fructus, Agastachis herba, Glycyrrhizae radix, Astragali membranacei radix, Atractylodis macrocephalae rhizoma, Dendrobii herba, Lophatheri herba, Hedyotidis herba, Taraxaci herba, Coptidis rhizoma, Ginseng radix, plus added modules.
5: Randomisation process not described.

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