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Saikosaponin a Enhances Transient Inactivating Potassium Current in Rat Hippocampal CA1 Neurons

Figure 2

Effects of SSa on the epileptiform discharges induced by bath application of 100 μM 4-aminopyridine (4AP) in hippocampal CA1 neurons in hippocampus slices. (A) A representative whole-cell current-clamp recording from a hippocampal CA1 neuron during superfusion of 100 μM 4AP, after application of SSa (1 μM), and during washout with ACSF containing 100 μM 4AP. The trace has been truncated. Epileptiform discharges induced by 4AP are reduced in frequency and duration by bath application of SSa (1 μM). Inserted segments (a–c) are expansions of the original traces at the arrows indicated and showing details of the inhibitory effect on epileptiform discharges activity. (B) Bar graph representing average duration of epileptiform discharges before and after application of increasing concentrations of SSa. (C) The log concentration-response curve for percentage inhibition of epileptiform discharges frequency after application of increasing concentrations of SSa. The was 0.70 μM. Data are represented as mean ± SEM ( ). (versus control).