Table 1: Description of the included articles.

AuthorsOriginYearInstititutionTherapeutic approachDiseasesTreatment duration (days)

Melchart et al. [19] Germany2003TCM-Klinik, KötztingClassical naturopathy, traditional chinese medicine 29.7% musculoskeletal disorders 25.7% neurological disordersN.A.803

Hoffmann et al. [20] Germany2004Knappschafts-KH, EssenClassical naturopathy, mind body therapies42.1% musculoskeletal disorders 17. 1% pain and migraine14.7 ± 4.2212

Ostermann and Matthiessen[21]Germany2005Klinik Blankenstein, HattingenClassical naturopathy62.7% musculoskeletal disorders 17.1% diseases of the circulatory system 21.8 ± 4.8894

Weidenhammer et al. [22]Germany2007Klinikverbund, MünchenClassical naturopathy, spa therapies36.8% psychovegetative exhaustion 19.5% chronic back painN.A.4253

Buchner et al. [23] Germany2007Orthopädische Chirurgie, HeidelbergBiopsychosocial therapies100% chronic low-back pain21405

Greeson et al. [24]USA2008Jefferson Center, PhiladelphiaIntegrative medicine, mind body therapies11.8% fatigue 9.7% myalgiaN.A.370

Wiebelitz et al. [25]Germany2010Klinik Blankenstein, HattingenClassical naturopathy100% chronic-low back pain1522

Stange et al. [26] Germany 2012Immanuel KH, BerlinClassical naturopathy 41.6% low back pain 30.8% cervicobrachial syndrome 17 221