Research Article

Antiproliferative Action of Conjugated Linoleic Acid on Human MCF-7 Breast Cancer Cells Mediated by Enhancement of Gap Junctional Intercellular Communication through Inactivation of NF-κB

Figure 4

Expression of Cx43 gene in MCF-7 cells treated with 40 μM c9,t11-CLA, t10,c12-CLA, and LA for 48 h. (a) Reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction of Cx43 mRNA. (b) Western blot analyses of the Cx43 protein. (c) Representative images of Cx43 expression and its distribution in the plasma membrane of cells, and arrows indicate Cx43 protein expression. Band intensities relative to control cells were quantified. Values are expressed as means ± standard deviations ( ). Means with different lowercase letters are significantly different at by Duncan’s multiple-range test.