Table 2: Summary of the effectiveness of acupuncture (acupoints) used in breast cancer patients for cancer-related syndromes or side effects caused by treatments.

SymptomsAcupoints usedReferences

Hot flushLIV3, GB20, LU7, KI3, SP6, REN4, P7, LIV8
DU14, GB20, BL13, PC7, H6, K7, ST36, SP6,
Ear shen men, Ear sympathetic point,  
BL23, BL32, HT7, SP6, SP9, LR3, PC6, GV20
KI6, SP6, BL23, CV4, GB35, H5
BL62, LR14, KI3, HT7, TE6, SP6, LI11, ST36, GV20, LI4
Nausea and vomitingP6, ST36, LI4[117126]
Postmastectomy painLI4, SP6, auricular points,
GB6, SJ6, PC2, PC3, LE14, MP19, DI14, BL17, LU2, RE6, RE17
ArthralgiaTB5, GB41, GB34, LI4, ST41, KD3, LI15, SJ14,
SI10, SJ4, LI5, SI5, SI3, LI3, Du3, Du8, UB23,
GB30, GB39, SP9, SP10, ST34
LymphedemaCV2, CV3, CV12, LI15, TE14, LU5, TE5, LI4,
ST36, ST6, SP9, SJ5, SJ14, REN2, REN3, REN12
[133, 134]
LeukopeniaST36[135, 136]