Table 5: Market samples of different regions from India.

Serial numberMarkets Findings

1AmritsarMixture of root of B. asiatica and
stem of B. aristata
2Aligarh Mixture of root and stem of B. asiatica
3Banglore IRoot of B. asiatica
4Banglore IIStem of Coscinium fenestratum
5DelhiStem B. asiatica
6HyderabadMixture of root B. asiatica
Root B. aristata
Root of B. tinctoria
7JammuMixture of root of B. chitria and stem of B. asiatica
8LucknowStem of B. asiatica
9Trichur Root of Coscinium fenestratum
10VaranasiMixture of root and stem of B. asiatica