Research Article

Long-Term Stimulation with Electroacupuncture at DU20 and ST36 Rescues Hippocampal Neuron through Attenuating Cerebral Blood Flow in Spontaneously Hypertensive Rats

Figure 5

The effect of electroacupuncture on the number of opening microvessels in rat hippocampus. (a) Representative immunohistochemistry images at the end of observation in rat hippocampus of Wistar (a1), Wistar + Sham (a2), Wistar + EA (a3), SHR (a4), SHR + Sham (a5), and SHR + EA (a6) group, respectively. Bar = 50 μm. b1–b6, high magnification of a1–a6, respectively. Arrows indicate opening microvessels. Bar = 200 μm. (b) Quantitative evaluation of CD31-positive opening microvessels. Wistar: Wistar rats without any treatment. Wistar + Sham: Wistar rats with stimulation at nonacupoints. Wistar + EA: Wistar rats with stimulation at acupoints. SHR: SHR without any treatment. SHR + Sham: SHR with stimulation at nonacupoints. SHR + EA: SHR with stimulation at acupoints. Data were expressed as mean ± SD from six animals. * versus Wistar group; # versus SHR group; versus SHR + Sham group.