Research Article

The Long-Term Effects of a Kampo Medicine, Juzentaihoto, on Maintenance of Antibody Titer in Elderly People after Influenza Vaccination

Table 1

Clinical and demographic characteristics of study participants.

GroupJTT groupControl group

Sex (male/female)10/3411/35
Age (year), mean ± SD85.6 ± 8.285.5 ± 8.3
Duration of hospitalization
(month), mean ± SD
35.6 ± 29.837.9 ± 35.5
Chief disease (number)
  Cerebral vascular disorder2628
  Bone and joint disease68
Rank of care (number)
  Rank 135
  Rank 234
  Rank 364
  Rank 498
  Rank 52325

Note. All group comparisons . SD: standard deviation; JTT: Juzentaihoto.
Rank 1: patients who need partial help with personal care. Rank 2: patients who need partial help with eating or going to the toilet and so forth. Rank 3: patients who need full help with certain activities of daily living. Rank 4: patients who have difficulty performing all daily activities without help. Rank 5: patients who find it impossible to perform all daily activities without help.