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Inpatient Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonias with Integrative Medicine

Table 8

CAP-study group: patients with AM treatment only (group 4).

Nr.SexAgeRisk classTemperatureFirst day subfebrile temp.Leukocyte beginLc. endCRP
(1–3 days)
(4–9 days)
CRP endComorbiditiesMedical history and findings on admissionChest X-ray

1F44I38.2212.484.441166.86.9Pleurisy, hepatitis, burnout syndrome, sinusitis, and vertebral discprotrusionFor some days coughing with fever, temperature up to 40°C. Poor general condition, crackling sounds on the lungs.Large infiltrate upper left lobe and lower right lobe.

11916 0.1Hepatitis, sinusitis, recurringpyelonephritis, and hepatic steatosis Sore throat and cough for 10 days, one week of fever. Poor general condition, obesity, dyspnea on exertion, chills, and crackling sounds on the lungs. Infiltrate in the lingula of the left lung.

3M19I39.6318.718.2732363.9Pleurisy, accompanying hepatitisFever up to 41°C. Spastic and crackling sounds on the right side of the lung. Poor general condition. Large infiltrate upper right lobe.

4F75II39.2103.80 -6.444.231.38.0Arterial hypertension, adenoma of thethyroidCough and fever 3 days prior to admission.
Good general condition. Crackling sounds on the lung.
Small infiltrate basolateral right.

11337Schizophrenia, recurrent pneumoniaCough with sputum and dyspnea 5 days prior to admission. Tachydyspnea, cyanosis of the lips, and crackling sounds on the lung.Infiltrate lower left part of the lung.

6M51II39.732.904.696.217.23.6Sinusitis, stomatitis, and dizzinessOne week of fever up to 40°C, 2 days of strong cough with sputum. Sinusitis. Poor general condition, crackling sounds on the lungs. Large infiltrate lower and middle lobes.

7F48II38.6213.4111011.00.1PleurisyFever for one week, up to 39°C. Dry cough.
Poor general condition, pleural sounds.
Initial: large infiltrate right middle and lower lobes.

4825.83.7DepressionCough, exhaustion, and pain in the limbs. Before admission fever, sputum, and dyspnea. Infiltrate in the middle lobeof the lungs, bilaterally.

9F34II40.0917.536.643182540.1Pleurisy, burnout syndrome, and mild hyperthyreosisOne day before admission dry cough, fever up to 39°C. Poor general condition. Reduced breathing sounds.Infiltrate lower right part of lungs.

10M32II39.9317.434.7232042.82.1Pleurisy, grand mal epilepsy. Recurrent pneumoniaCough, chest pain on the right side, which got worse in the last few days, plus night sweats and a temperature up to 40.4°C. Poor general condition. Normal breathing.Infiltrate middle lobes.

11F82IIII39.0614.136.2428660.77.1Chronic progressive respiratory insufficiency due to emphysema, post- tuberculosis condition with sintering of the left-sided lobe of the lungs, and arrhythmiaPoor general condition, bad nutritional state.
Infiltrate left middle lobes.

12F67III38.6218.476.6455.611.4Emphysema, chronic fibrosis of the lungs, and neurofibromatosis with cerebral microangiopathy, chronic alcoholism, and cachexiaCough and sputum, temperature up to 39°C.
At admission in a bad nutritional state, poor general condition, cyanosis, shortness of breath, neglected appearance, and crackling sounds on the lungs.
Infiltrate lower right lobe, pronounced emphysema, fibrosis, and cor pulmonale.

60.30.3Breast cancer, arterial hypertension, and arrhythmiaFever 1d prior to admission, at admission 39.2°C, dry cough, rare sputum, weakened general condition. Crackling sounds on the lungs. Infiltrate lower right part of lungs.

14F64III38.9313.957.1421630.4Chronic heart failure, burn-out syndrome, candidiasis, and pleurisyOne week of coughing without sputum, fever: 39-40°C, initial vomiting.
Poor general condition, crackling sounds on the lungs.
Infiltrate lower right lobe.

22.915.95.9Emphysema, mental retardation, cardiac arrhythmia, mild hyperthyroidism, and mycoplasma pneumoniaOne week of cough and fever, drinks little, received intravenous fluids 2 days prior to admission, poor general condition, and cachetic, crackling sounds on the lungs. Initial: large infiltrate middle and lower lobes right and left lower lobes.

level cancer, uterus carcinoma., primary biliary cirrhosis, and current radiotherapyCough, sputum. Sinusitis. Poor general condition, breathing sounds on the right side. Crackling sounds on the lungs.Large infiltrate lower right side of the lung, pleural effusion.

Sex: F: female; M: male; risk class after Fine et al [32]. “temperature” is the highest measured temperature within the first three days outlined. First day subfebrile temperature: the first day the patient shows temperatures below 38.0°C. Leucocytes: highest number of leucocytes within the first three days. Lc. end: the count of leucocytes at discharge of the hospital. In case of normal leucocytes, no further recording performed. CRP 1st and 3rd days: highest value within the first three days as inpatients. CRP days 4 till 9: the lowest value within this time span. CRP end: CRP at end of treatment. †: Death.

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