Figure 1: Effect of QFGJS on collagen II-induced arthritis (CIA) in rats. (a) paw swelling, (b) arthritic score, and (c) body weight. CIA was induced by intradermal injection of 100 μL collagen II (CII)/incomplete Freund’s adjuvant (IFA) emulsion containing 100 μg of CII at the tail base of each rat, together with a booster injection of 100 μg of CII in IFA on day 7 after the primary immunization. Normal rats (blue triangle) were intradermally given with saline at the primary immunization and booster injection. CIA rats were daily given with QFGJS at 2.8 g/kg body weight (black diamond) or vehicle (red square) beginning from day 12 after arthritis induction until day 30. Saline was orally given to the normal rats. Data were expressed as mean ± SEM ( ). , normal rats versus the vehicle-treated CIA rats; ; , QFGJS-treated CIA rats versus vehicle-treated CIA rats.