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Add-On Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicine on Mortality in Myocardial Infarction: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

Table 1

Main characteristic of included studies.

First authorYearNo. of patients in the treatment groupNo. of patients in the control groupDiagnostic criteriaInterventionControlDuration of treatment (days)Duration of followup (months)

CHD Group [21]1981138138Not reportedKangxingeng heji + BMBMN/AN/A
Kou [22]
1983133135WHO criteriaYiqihuoxue decoction and In + Xuejie powder + BMBMN/AN/A
Chen [23]1984112112WHO criteriaYiqihuoxue decoction + Yiqihuoxue In + BMBM35N/A
Liang [24]19897474Author definedTuoqingyanhu su + BMBMN/AN/A
Xia [25]19932310Not reportedDushen tang + thrombolysisThrombolysis3N/A
Li [26]19946064WHO criteriaWenyanghuoxue decoction + BMBM140.1
Li [27]19941815WHO criteriaHuangqi In + polarized solutionBM + polarized solution281
Yang [28]19976680WHO criteriaShexiangbaoxin tablets + BMBM36012
Zhang [29]19987659WHO criteriaJianXin tablet + BMBM301
Guo [30]1999243259WHO criteriaShenmai In + thrombolysisThrombolysis141.25
Li [31]19995150WHO criteriaLigustrazine + compound danshen In + Chinese medicinal formulae + thrombolysisThrombolysis281
Zhang [32] 19995247WHO criteriaYiqihuoxuetongluo decoction + BMBM281
Guo [33]2000143159WHO criteriaSuxiao jiuxin pills + thrombolysisThrombolysis141.25
Han [34]20003844WHO criteriaHuangqi In + thrombolysisThrombolysis101
Li [35]20002819WHO criteriaZhupi decoction + BMBM70.25
Li QZ (a) [36]*20006680WHO criteriaSuxiao jiuxin pills + BMBM36012
Li QZ (b) [36]*20006672WHO criteriaSuxiao jiuxin pills + BMBM + Propranolol36012
Lu [37]20002121WHO criteriaShuizhi In + BMBM140.5
Yin [38]20001513WHO criteriaShenmai In + Herba Erigerontis In + BM + thrombolysisBM + Thrombolysis14N/A
Wu [39]20015449WHO criteriaHuangqi In + Dan-Shen In + BMBM140.75
Bai [40]20026260WHO criteriaShenmai In + BMBM14N/A
Shi [41]20025856Author definedBreviscapinun + BM + thrombolysisBM + Thrombolysis200.67
Guan [42]20033030WHO criteriaXingding In + BMBM151
Zhang [43]20034545Not reportedShenfu decoction+Xuefuzhupi decoction + BMBM28N/A
Han [44]20044652WHO criteriaShexiangbaoxin tablets + BM + thrombolysisBM + Thrombolysis281
Li [45]20043218WHO criteriaShexiangbaoxin tablets + BM + thrombolysisBM + Thrombolysis + placebo903
Liu [46]20044196WHO criteriaShenmai In + BMBM15N/A
Yang [47]20044545Not reportedHuangqi In + thrombolysisThrombolysis76
Chen [48]20053534Not reportedHuangqi In + thrombolysisThrombolysis1012
Deng [49]20053835Not reportedXingnaojing In + BMBM2124
He [50]20052323Author definedKaixin capsule + BM + thrombolysisBM + thrombolysis50.17
Li [51]20058383Not reportedDiaohuangqi In + BMBM282
Liu [52]*20053022WHO criteriaTreatment based on TCM syndrome differentiation + thrombolysisThrombolysis281
Miao [53]20056462WHO criteriaShengmai In + BM + thrombolysisBM + thrombolysis152
Yang [54]20054545Criteria from the Chinese Society of CardiologyShexiangboxin tablets + BMBMN/A3
Ding [55]20061515WHO criteriaShengmai In + BMBMN/AN/A
Du (a)[56]*200613641371Not reportedXuezhikang capsules + BMBM + placeboN/A84
Du (b) [56]*200610701065Not reportedXuezhikang capsules + BMBM + placebo144048
Li [57]20063132Guideline from the European Society of CardiologyShenfu In + BMBM14N/A
Ma [58]20062525Criteria from the Chinese Society of CardiologyYuxingeng decoction + BMBM281
Qi [59]20064846WHO criteriaTanshinone II A sulfoacid In + BM + thrombolysis + PCIBM + thrombolysis + PCI140.5
Shen [60]20068382Author definedShenfu In + BMBMN/A0.25
Wang [61]2006228162WHO criteriaShenmai In + BMBM141
Wei [62]20063137WHO criteriaShenfu In + BM + thrombolysisBM + thrombolysis70.25
Wu [63]20061921WHO criteriaShenmai In + BMBM201
Yang [64]20064849Not reportedXuezhikang capsules + BMBM + placeboN/A72
Chen [65]20073030WHO criteriaTongxinluo capsule + BMBM562
Li [66]20074545Author definedGuanxinning In + BMBM156
Liang [67] 20079068WHO criteriaShengmai In or Shenmai In + treatment based on TCM syndrome Differentiation + BM + thrombolysisBMN/AN/A
Pan [68]20072020WHO criteriaTongxinluo capsule + BMBMN/A1
Zhai [69]20073830Criteria from Chinese Society of CardiologyShenmai In + BMBM10N/A
Ding [70]20082323Author definedShengmai In + BMBMN/AN/A
Lan [71]2008130128WHO criteriaXinmaitong capsules + BMBM301
Yu [72]200810096Author defined Shexiang Baoxin tablets + BMBM101
Yu [73]20083232Author definedYinxingdamo In + BM + thrombolysisBM + thrombolysis140.5
Zhang [74]20082727WHO criteriaShenmai In + Shuxuening In + BMBM28N/A
Gao [75]20096060WHO criteriaDanhong In + BMBMN/A0.5
Lin [76]20092525Author definedCompound danshen dripping pills + BMBMN/A1
Liu [77]20091616Author definedTanshinone II A sulfoacid In + BMBM73
Song [78]20093634Author definedTongxinluo capsule + Shenmai In + Gegensu In + BMBM28N/A
Yuan [79]20093838WHO criteriaShenmai In + thrombolysisThrombolysis101
Zhao [80]20095048Not reportedTongxinluo capsule + BM + thrombolysisBM + thrombolysisN/A12
Zuo [81]20098080Criteria from Chinese Society of CardiologyBreviscapinun + BMBM141
Guo [82]20104845Not reportedCompound Danshen tablet + BMBMN/A12
Xu [83]20103230Author definedTreatment based on TCM syndrome differentiation + BMBM281

BM: routine biomedical treatment as defined by the investigators; In: injection; N/A: not reported.
*Two RCTs reported in one publication.

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