Table 1: The data sets and its underlying patient population are listed for each research question.

Research questionInventory/data setSubgroupsNumber of patients

Q1HFV total and 14 itemsAll patients*7987 to 8170

Q2HFV total (i.v.)
ISR total effect size (d.v.)
VEV-K total change (d.v.)
All patients*7259

Q3ISR (pre + post) (total + subscales)
VEV-K (total + 3 subscales)
GV (total and 4 subscales)
All patients*Up to 8068

Q4ISR total effect size
VEV-K total change
Patients in 13 paths*38 to 6962
41 to 7457

Q5ISR pre + follow up
VEV-K (total + 3 subscales) followup
GV (total and 4 subscales) followup
Follow-up return*Up to 1046

Q6ISR (pre + post) (total + subscales)
VEV-K (total)
GV (all 11 items)
Patients in 20111181 (HF)
5348 (other clinics)

 *As many patients as possible were included who completed the particular questionnaire scale partly or fully. i.v.: independent variable; d.v.: dependent variable.