Figure 9: Protein expression and cell invasion after PC-SPESII treatment with or without p38MAPK and SAPK/JNK inhibitors. (a) MDA-MB-231 cells were treated with or without 1 μL/mL PC-SPESII, 15 μm/L SB203580, and 20  m/L SP600125 in the indicated combinations for 24 h. Then, Western blot analysis was performed and stained for the indicated epitopes. (b) The density ratio of proteins to GAPDH is shown as relative expression. Values are expressed as mean ± SD. Three experiments were repeated with similar results. a , b , and c compared to control. (c, d) Transwell chamber was used for the invasion assay (100x magnification). The filter membranes were coated with Matrigel. Cells were treated according to the conditions in (a) for 24 h. Results are presented as mean ± SD of three independent experiments. ** compared to control; # and compared to 1 μL/mL PC-SPESII treatment.