Table 3: The contents of 5-HT, NA, and -EP in plasma and brain tissue of model rats and treatment group ( ).

5-HT (ng/mL)NA (ng/mL) -EP (ng/mL)
Brain tissuePlasma Brain tissuePlasmaBrain tissue Plasma

Normal group
Model group
SFZYD group (5.4 g kg−1)
SFZYD group (10.8 g kg−1)

5-HT: 5-hydroxytryptamine; NA: Noradrenaline; -EP: -endorphin. Data were expressed as Mean ± SEM. Means between the normal group, model group, low-dose SFZYD-treated group, and high-dose SFZYD-treated group. Significant differences when compared with the model group , and compared with the normal group .