Table 3: Overview of reviews: quality and outcomes summary.

(first author, year)
Primary outcome (as stated by review author or first listed) Quality rating of SRs 
Quality rating of evidence (grade)SR authors' conclusions
Very lowLowModerateHighInsufficient data to assessPositive effectNegative effectUnclear effect

Aljasir, 2010 [8]Management of type II diabetes10
Anderson, 2011 [9]Body mass index9.5
Büssing, 2012 [10]Pain (effect size)11
Cabral, 2011 [11]Treatment for psychiatric disorder11
Dickinson, 2008 [12]Blood pressure10.5
Gerritsen, 2002 [13]Pain (carpal tunnel syndrome)8.5
Haaz, 2011 [14]Clinical outcomes in arthritis6
Heiwe, 2011 [15]Muscular strength11
Innes, 2007 [16]Metabolic and anthropometric measures for diabetes mellitus9
Innes, 2010 [17]Menopausal symptoms6.5
Kirkwood, 2005 [18]Treatment for anxiety10
Krisanaprakornkit, 2006 [19]Treatment for clinical anxiety10.5
Langhorst, 2012 [20]Pain (fibromyalgia)10.5
Lee, 2009 [21]Menopausal symptoms11
Lin, 2011 [22]Quality of life for cancer patients10
Mahendira, 2009 [23]Effectiveness of treatment for osteoarthritis8.5
Marc, 2011 [24]Perceived stress11
Morone, 2007 [25]Pain (chronic in older adults)9.5
Muller, 2004 [26]Effectiveness of treatment for CTS10.5
Pilkington, 2005 [27]Treatment for depression7
Posadzki, 2011 [28]Pain (low back)10
Ram, 2003 [29]Asthma symptoms6
Ramaratnam, 2000 [30]Treatment for epilepsy11
Slade, 2007 [31]Pain (low back)5.5
Smith, 2009 [32]Psychological functioning of patients with cancer diagnosis10.5
Smith, 2011 [33]Pain (labour)9

Total (average)9.431310911015