Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

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Treating Postlaparoscopic Surgery Shoulder Pain with Acupuncture

Table 4

Individual patient TCM syndrome and VAS scores.

PatientMain TCM syndromePLSP beforePLSP afterGeneral pain before General pain after

1Heat in the heart + phlegm9.
2Sp Qi def. + phlegm9.
5Lung Qi def.
6Qi def. + phlegm9.
7Phlegm heat in the stomach and intestine + kidney Yin def. + heat7.
8Phlegm heat
9Spleen Qi def., blood def. in the heart9.91.91.20
10 Kidney Yin and Yang def.5.21.100
11 Lung heat/fire + liver Yang rising8.
12Spleen Qi def. + liver Qi stg.
13Gall bladder heat and phlegm7.
14Phlegm in upper burner9.
15Liver Qi stg. + heat in upper burner73.58.67.1
16Lung heat/fire + gall bladder heat and phlegm stg.8.916.60.4
17Liver Qi and blood stg.815.51.4
18Kidney Yin and Yang def.9.91.700
19Stomach Qi stg. + spleen Qi def.
20Spleen Qi def. + dampness + liver blood stg.4.83.666.1
21Spleen dampness + liver Qi stg.
22Phlegm heat9.
23Phlegm heat in the stomach + liver Qi stg.
24Phlegm heat in the stomach + phlegm could in the triple burner9.
25Spleen Qi def. and dampness, liver blood def.7.61.851.6