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The Possibility of Traditional Chinese Medicine as Maintenance Therapy for Advanced Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer

Table 1

The characteristics of the trials for TCM as maintenance therapy in the treatment of advanced NSCLC.

AuthorsTNM stage of NSCLCDesign of studyPatients ( ) InterventionMeasurementsPFS, OS, MST, and TTP (m)Results/conclusion
Treatment groupControl groupTreatment groupControl group

Liu et al., 2009 [44]Nonoperatable IIIA-IV RCT3131Feitai Capsule FACT-L, KPS, clinical symptomsFeitai Capsule can improve the QOL.
Chai et al., 2011 [45]IIIB-IVRCT3232Xiaoji Yin MST, PFSPFS: 5.1 versus 2.5 ( ) 
MST: 6.43 versus 3.26 ( )
Xiaoji Yin can prolong the MST and PFS.
Jiang et al., 2011 [46]IIIB-IVRCT2525Comprehensive TCM therapyGemcitabine/P 
TTP, QOL(EORTC QLQ-LC43)TTP: 2.9 versus 2.13 ( )The TCM comprehensive regimen had equivalent efficacy on TTP but better QOL when compared with single-agent chemotherapy.
Xi et al., 2011 [47]III-IVRCT4434Hechan Pian PFS, clinical symptomsmedian PFS: 5.67 versus 4.12 ( )Hechan Pian can prolong the median PFS and improve the clinical symptoms.
Zeng et al., 2013 [48]IV RCT3435Shenyi Capsule Medin PFS, KPS, immune function (T-lymphocyte subtypes)median PFS: 6.5 versus 6.2 ( )Shenyi Capsule can improve the QOL and immune function which helps more patients to accept second-line chemotherapy.
Yang 2013 [49]III-IVRCT4040Fuzheng Xiaoji Yin PFSPFS: 7.5 versus 4.8 ( )Fuzheng Xiaoji Yin can prolong the PFS.
Liang and Zhang 2013 [50]IIIB-IVRCT3836Rongyan Capsule MST, PFSPFS: 4.8 versus 2.37 ( )  
MST: 6.23 versus 2.7 ( )
Rongyan Capsule can prolong the MST and PFS.
Wang et al., 2013 [51]IVRCT3937TCM therapy based on syndrome differentiationPFS, QOL(EORTC-QLQ-C30), clinical symptomsPFS: 7.2 versus 4.4 ( )TCM therapy based on syndrome differentiation can improve the QOL, clinical symptoms and prolong the PFS.
Wu et al., 2014 [52]IIIB-IVNonrandomized controlled trial2020Shenyi Capsule DCR, PFS, OSPFS: 4.35 versus 2.67 ( ) 
OS: 10 versus 7.8 ( )
Shenyi Capsule can prolong the PFS and OS and improve the DCR.

RCT: randomized controlled trial; FACT-L: functional assessment of cancer therapy-lung; MST: median survival time; PFS: progression free survival; TTP: time to progression; QOL: quality of life; EORTC: European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer; KPS: Karnofsky performance status; TCM: traditional Chinese medicine; DCR: disease control rate; OS: overall survival.