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Balance Performance in Irradiated Survivors of Nasopharyngeal Cancer with and without Tai Chi Qigong Training

Table 2

Comparison of the balance outcomes of the three groups.

Useful sensory inputs  [19] NPC-TC Qigong group () NPC-control group () Healthy-control group () values
NPC-TC Qigong group versus NPC-control groupNPC-TC Qigong group versus healthy-control groupNPC-control group versus healthy-control group

One-leg-stance times
(1) On ground with eyes open (s) Somatosensory, visual, and vestibular1.000
(2) On stability trainer with eyes open (s) Visual and vestibular1.000
(3) On ground with eyes closed (s)Somatosensory and vestibular1.000
(4) On stability Trainer with eyes closed (s)Vestibular1.000
Six-minute walk distance (m) 0.5281.0000.629

The mean ± standard deviation is presented for all of the variables.
denotes a significant difference at .