Figure 5: Impact of ZJW extracts on subcutaneous xenograft of SGC-7901/DDP cells in nude mice. (a) Mice were divided into five groups, group 1: normal saline; group 2: 5 mg/kg DDP; group 3: 500 mg/kg ZJW (L-dose) + 0.6 mg/kg DDP; group 4: 1000 mg/kg ZJW (M-dose) + 0.6 mg/kg DDP; group 5: 2000 mg/kg ZJW (H-dose) + 0.6 mg/kg DDP. Tumor volume was measured every seven days. (b) Tumors were surgically removed from nude mice and weighed after administration for 35 days. or , in contrast to groups treated with DDP alone. (c) Morphological changes of tumor cells were detected by HE staining, and the photograph was observed by inverted microscope.