Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Systematic Review of Chinese Medicine for Miscarriage during Early Pregnancy

Table 2

Clinical applications of Chinese medicines during pregnancy.

Pregnancy disordersFrequency* (%)Therapeutic applications

Spontaneous abortion1,444 (43.3)Improve maternal health
Promote embryo-fetal development
Reduce irregular vaginal bleeding

Infertility930 (27.9)Improve women’s health
Elevate the female fertility

Induced abortion392 (11.7)Enhance lethal effect on embryos
Decrease incomplete abortion rate
Improve vaginal irregular bleeding

Immunological disorders206 (6.2)Inhibit the release of inflammatory molecules

Hypertensive disorders126 (3.8)Promote vasodilatation
Increase blood flow
Decrease platelet aggregation

Infection87 (2.6)Decrease intrauterine transmission

Fetal growth restriction73 (2.2)Improve uteroplacental circulation
Promote fetal growth

Preterm labour49 (1.5)Inhibit uterine contractility

Postdate or term9 (0.3)Accelerate labor process

Gestational diabetes mellitus20 (0.6)Improve insulin levels
Enhance glucose metabolism

Puerperium2 (0.1)Improve hormone levels
Promote lactation and uterine contraction
Heal perineum injuries

Total3,338 (100)

Frequency of each clinical application amongst 3,228 papers for systemic review.