Figure 5: Mice were anesthetized and then infected intranasally by dropping 0.05 mL of influenza virus suspension (4LD50) except normal control group. High-dose SFXF (3.76 mg/kg), medium-dose SFXF (1.88 mg/kg), low-dose SFXF (0.94 mg/kg), or Oseltamivir (11.375 mg/kg) was administrated daily starting at 2 hours before the first viral infection until 4 days postinfection (4 dpi). Then total RNA was isolated from lung tissues of normal control, virus control, and Oseltamivir- and SFXF-treated mice and was analyzed by real-time PCR. Relative quantification of the IL-8 and RANTES mRNA had expressions in the mice lung tissue of six groups, with 12 mice in each group. The quantity of mouse IL-8 and RANTES mRNA expression was normalized to the mRNA expression of mouse GAPDH (a housekeeping gene). The quantities are shown as mean ± standard deviation (SD) and two indicated groups as determined by the Newman-Keuls multiple comparison test following one-way ANOVA. Compared with the normal control group: ## and compared with the virus control group: * , ** .