Research Article

Protective Effect of Tetrandrine on Sodium Taurocholate-Induced Severe Acute Pancreatitis

Figure 2

Pathological sections and scores of pancreatic tissues. (a) Chart comparing the wet/dry weight ratios of pancreatic tissue. The wet/dry ratios decreased significantly after therapeutic intervention; (b) pathological scores of pancreatic tissue samples. The pathological scores of the pancreas were significantly increased after model was established, whereas the pathological scores were significantly lower in Tet treatment group; (c) microscopic images of pathological sections of pancreatic tissue (100x). The structure of pancreatic cells was integrated in normal group, and the intercellular space was normal, and there were no signs of either hemorrhagic necrosis or the infiltration of inflammatory cells. In other groups, lobular spaces widened, acinar hemorrhage and edema were evident, large areas of necrosis were present, the parenchymal and interstitial infiltration of numerous inflammatory cells occurred, and fat necrosis lesions could be observed. However, the aforementioned phenomena were somewhat less severe in the Tet groups ( versus normal group; versus model group).