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Research Article

Artocarpin Induces Apoptosis in Human Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma HSC-1 Cells and Its Cytotoxic Activity Is Dependent on Protein-Nutrient Concentration

Figure 3

Time-dependent effects of artocarpin (10 μM) on (a) HSC-1 cell apoptosis (determined by the caspase 3/7 assay) and (b) cell viability (determined by the Alamar Blue assay) when cultured in different concentrations of FBS. For each and every time point, caspase 3/7 activity and cell viability were measured for the control group (not treated with artocarpin) and the treatment group (treated with artocarpin), and data were expressed as the ratio (%) between the treatment group and the control group (for the same time point). Results are shown as mean ± SEM. Data are representative of 3 independent experiments with 3 replicates in each.