Research Article

A Special Extract of Bacopa monnieri (CDRI-08) Restores Learning and Memory by Upregulating Expression of the NMDA Receptor Subunit GluN2B in the Brain of Scopolamine-Induced Amnesic Mice

Figure 2

Radial arm maze analysis of spatial memory of mice of control and experimental groups: track record of movement mice in radial arms (a). Bar diagram showing the latency time for retrieving the hidden food (b). Mouse of each group was individually subjected to radial arm maze test and the time taken for retrieving food was recorded. Data represents mean ± SEM. C, vehicle-treated control; BME, Bacopa monnieri extract (CDRI-08) treated (200 mg/Kg/BW); SC, scopolamine-treated (2 mg/Kg BW); SC + BME, scopolamine-treated mice treated with CDRI-08. and #, and ## and , were considered significant. , comparison between control and other groups, and #, comparison between SC and other groups.