Table 8: Art-related therapies in ASD.

Author Year Type and duration of study Sample size Type of intervention ComparatorsDose Outcome measureFindings Comments

Corbett et al. [76]2011Open label  
Duration: 3 months
(M 7; F 1)  
Age: 6 to 17 years
SENSE (Social Emotional NeuroScience Endocrinology) Theatre None38 rehearsals (2 h each) and six performance dates. Rehearsals were initially 1 day per week and then  
3 or 4 days per week
Memory for Faces, Affect Recognition and  
Theory of Mind, SRS, SSP, ABAS, SSS, salivary cortisol and oxytocin level
No differences in OT level or parent report measures.  
Improvement in social perception and Theory of Mind skills
Open label design  
Small sample size  
Blinding of assessors not reported

and Atencia-Doña  
2013Open label  
Duration: 18 weeks
(M 7; F 1)  
Age: not reported (mean 25 years)
Combined dance/movement and music therapy Behavioral and pharmacological treatment only36 sessions of combined MT and DMT therapy, 1 hour, 2 days/week ECA-R Positive evolution towards a diminution of disorder scores in both control and experimental groups.Open label design  
Small sample size  
Blinding of assessors not reported

ABAS, Adaptive Behavior Assessment System; ASD, autism spectrum disorder; ECA-R, Revised Clinical Scale for the Evaluation of Autistic Behavior; SRS, Social Responsiveness Scale, SSP, Short Sensory Profile, and SSS, Stress Survey Schedule for Persons with Autism and Other Developmental Delays.