Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine / 2015 / Article / Fig 1

Research Article

Danhong Promotes Angiogenesis in Diabetic Mice after Critical Limb Ischemia by Activation of CSE-H2S-VEGF Axis

Figure 1

Study protocol. BALB/c mice in hind limb ischemia diabetic model were divided into saline (control, ) and DH i.p. injection (2 mL/kg body weight for 7 days, ) groups. Diabetic model was established with STZ (150 mg/kg) i.p., and blood glucose levels were monitored for 2 weeks. Diabetes modeling success was identified by twice random blood glucose levels >16 mmol/L. Hind limb ischemia model was established by ligation and excision of femoral artery, saphenous arteries, circumflex of external iliac artery, and muscular branches of femoral artery. Lower limb perfusion was assessed using LDPI. Vein blood was sampled for H2S analysis by HPLC-FLD, mice were euthanized, and collateral circulation was assessed by angiography, digital X-ray imaging, and immunohistochemical staining. CSE and VEGF expression (key in proangiogenic axis) were investigated with qPCR assay.