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Uncommon Trimethoxylated Flavonol Obtained from Rubus rosaefolius Leaves and Its Antiproliferative Activity

Table 2

Antiproliferative activity of doxorubicin, hexane (HE), dichloromethane (DCM), and ethyl acetate (EA) fractions and compound 1 against human cancer cell lines.

Total growth inhibition (TGI) (µg/mL)
Cell linesDoxorubicinHE DCM EA Compound  1

Glioma (U251)4.135.451.1>2502.8
Breast (MCF-7)0.6245.217.8>25055.8
Multidrug-resistant ovary carcinoma (NCI-ADR/RES) 9.112.611.1>25018.8
Kidney (786-0)0.4630.719.3>25015.8
Lung, non-small cells (NCI-H460)4.356.3135.0>25014.1
Ovary (OVCAR-3)2.446.189.7>25014.5
Colon (HT-29)1.328.224.4>250>250
Leukemia (K-562)>25>250250.0>25017.5
Nontumoral keratinocyte (HaCat)0.7910.425.8>25021.4

Assessed by the sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay. TGI values represent the concentration necessary (g/mL) for total inhibition of cancer cell proliferation. Values were determined through nonlinear regression analysis using the ORIGIN 8.0 (OriginLab Corporation). Dose range tested: 0.25 to 250 µg/mL. Experiment was conducted in triplicate.