Figure 2: Ethanol extract of ATRES enhanced hair growth. (a) Telogenic mice () treated with ethanol extract of ATRES (5% in 150 uL of 40% ethanol) ((G), (H), and (I)) and 5% of minoxidil ((D), (E), and (F)) were compared with control (150 uL of 40% ethanol treated) ((A), (B), and (C)) groups over a 2-week period. (b) Hair growth was significantly promoted by administration of the ethanol extract of ATRES when compared to the control mouse groups (). Differences were calculated by measuring the size of the complete black area (black skin) using the Image J program. The terms MXD and ethanol refer to the minoxidil extract treated mouse group and the ethanol extract treated mice group, respectively. Each data value is indicated as the mean ± SE. indicates as compared to the control group.