(a) 50 μg/mL AHCC, 20x
(b) 100 μg/mL AHCC, 20x
(c) 250 μg/mL AHCC, 20x
(d) 500 μg/mL AHCC, 20x
Figure 2: Representative image of different concentrations of AHCC treated lymphocytes: (a) 50 μg/mL AHCC 20x, (b) 100 μg/mL AHCC 20x, (c) 250 μg/mL AHCC, and (d) 500 μg/mL AHCC. Note: the morphological changes of lymphocytes from 96 hours to 360 hours posttreatment with AHCC. Cells become adherent and phenotypical changes were observed even at low doses such as 50 μg/mL (a) that is macrophage-like, spindle shaped, elongated, and fibroblast-like up until 360 hours and beyond. Similar changes were observed in the other doses: 100 μg/mL to 500 μg/mL (b, c, d).