Research Article

Qizhi Jiangtang Jiaonang Improves Insulin Signaling and Reduces Inflammatory Cytokine Secretion and Reactive Oxygen Species Formation in Insulin Resistant HepG2 Cells

Figure 5

Effects of QJJ on RAGE, NF-κB, JNK, IRS-1, PI3K, and GLUT4 protein expression. Protein expression was determined in the HepG2 cells of the control group, IR group, low-dose QJJ (20 μg/mL), intermediate-dose QJJ (40 μg/mL), high-dose QJJ (80 μg/mL), and SJK group (2.5 μg/mL SJK) by Western blot analysis. (a) A representative gel image is shown. The levels of (b) RAGE, NF-κB, and JNK as well as (c) IRS-1, PI3K, and GLUT4 protein expression were quantified, and the data were presented as mean ± SD ( for each group). , significantly different as compared with the IR group.