Table 1: Scavenging and inflammation inhibitory activities of acetone and aqueous extracts of B. abyssinica.


Acetone extract1.2578.30.1979.60.2389.90.0488.40.1883.60.1486.20.2274.30.5190.1
Aqueous extract0.1979. 70.2699.70.1485.90.2499.81.6192.20.2187.80.3371.50.3372.2
Vitamin C0.1285.30.0789.70.0984.90.2293.12.2196.8
Gallic acid1.6776.7
Diclofenac sodium0.3191.90.4881.2

A is reducing power; B is DPPH scavenging activity; C is nitric oxide scavenging activity; D is hydrogen peroxide scavenging activity; E is lipid peroxide scavenging activity; F is ABTS scavenging activity; G is protein denaturation inhibitory activity; and H is membrane lysis inhibitory activity. IC50 is defined as the concentration (mg/mL) sufficient to obtain 50% of a maximum scavenging capacity. Coefficient of determination. Values are obtained from regression lines with 95% confidence level. — indicates values not determined.