Table 2: List of papers excluded with reasons.

StudiesReason for exclusion

Kirkby (1994)Controlled trial
Bearman (1999)Pre/posttest (no control)
Seegert (1999)Controlled trial
Huntley (2000)Systematic review
Dunn (2000)Pre/posttest (no control)
Fialka-Moser (2000)Commentary
Malmgren-Ohlsen (2001, 2002, 2003)Controlled trial
Kerr (2002)Controlled trial
Emerich (2003)Review
Junker (2003)Posttest (no control)
Galantino (2003)Review
Gard (2005)Review
Mehling (2005)Review
Liptak (2005)Review
Batson (2005)Pre/posttest (no control)
Wennemer (2006)Pre/posttest (no control)
Porcino (2009)Descriptive
Mehling (2009)Review (assessment)
Connors (2010)Content analysis
Connors (2011a)Controlled trial
Connors (2011b)Pre/posttest (no control)
Mehling (2011)Inquiry (phenomenological)
Ohman (2011)Pre/posttest (no control)
Laird (2012)Review
Mehling (2013)Intervention (not exclusively Feldenkrais)
Gross (2013)Review
Webb 2013Pre/posttest (no control)