Table 3: Results of MSEA: list of metabolite sets/pathways that are significantly different between TW and BMW consumption periods.

PathwayTotalHits ExpectFold change (hits/expect) valueFDR

Purine metabolism4570.987.1<0.0010.001
Ammonia recycling1840.3910.2<0.0010.014
Urea cycle2040.449.2<0.0010.014
RNA transcription930.2015.3<0.0010.014
Intracellular signaling through prostacyclin receptor and prostacyclin620.1315.30.006 0.103
Glycolysis2130.466.60.009 0.121
Citric acid cycle2330.506.00.012 0.133
Methionine metabolism2430.525.70.013 0.133
Gluconeogenesis2730.595.10.018 0.163
Amino sugar metabolism1520.336.10.040 0.290
Mitochondrial electron transport chain1520.336.10.0400.290

Total numbers of metabolites that corresponded in each pathway.
Observed numbers of metabolites that derived from given dataset in each pathway.
Expected observed numbers of metabolites that are calculated by given dataset in each pathway.
False discovery rate (FDR) according to the Benjamini and Hochberg method that was provided by MSEA software.