Table 2: Polysaccharides DDP1-1, DDP2-1, and DDP3-1 isolated from D.  denneanum and DNP1-1 DNP2-1, DNP3-1, and DNP4-2 isolated from D.  nobile.

ABTS radicalsHydroxyl radicalsDPPH radicals

D.  denneanum
D.  nobile

Notes: Low (LW); High (HH).
Up the table: the antioxidant effect of DNP4-2 on ABTS, hydroxyl, and DPPH free radicals, suggesting the levels of DNP4-2 higher than DNP1-1, DNP2-1, and DNP3-1; however, the antioxidant effects of DDP2-1 on hydroxyl and DPPH free radicals were higher than ABTS free radicals. Moreover, the DDP1-1 and DDP 3-1 on inhibitory effect were low than other compounds. We believe that the focus on antioxidant potential of DNP4-2 and DDP2-1 structures in near future.