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Review Article

Recent Advance in Applications of Proteomics Technologies on Traditional Chinese Medicine Research

Table 2

Proteomics applied in the effective mechanism of TCM treatment in vivo.

DiseasesCHF, CHM, CHM compound, and acupunctureTargets or signaling pathwaysProteomics methodsReferences

Cardiocerebrovascular diseases
 ArrhythmiasDingxin recipeProhibitin2DE, MALDI-TOF MS[50]
 Ischemic myocardial injuryBuyang Huanwu decoctionAtrial natriuretic factor2DE, MALDI-TOF MS[51]
 Cardiovascular disordersSalvianolic acid BIntegrin α2β2DE, MALDI-TOF MS/MS [52]
 Cardiovascular disordersSalvianolic acidsEnergy metabolism, lipid metabolism2DE, MALDI-TOF MS/MS [53]
 Epileptic seizuresUncaria rhynchophyllaMIF and cyclophilin A2DE[54]
 Alzheimer’s diseaseYizhijiannao granuleNADH dehydrogenase
iron-sulfur protein 6
2DE, peptide mass fingerprint[55]
 Neurodegenerative diseasesGinkgo biloba L. extractsPPAP subunit Band CRMP22DE, MALDI-TOF MS[56]
 Cerebrovascular diseasesTianmaGnao1, Dctn2, Anxa5, Pacsin1, and Arf3iTRAQ[43]
Hepatorenal diseases
 Liver cirrhosis Yiguanjian decoctionCu/Zn SOD, DJ-1 2DE, MALDI-TOF-TOF MS[57]
 Liver fibrosisFuzheng HuayuVimentin2DE/MS[58]
 Liver injuryYin-Chen-Hao-TangZinc finger protein 407, haptoglobinRP-HPLC[59]
 Immunological liver injurySalvia miltiorrhizaPRDX62D-DIGE, MALDI-TOF MS[60]
 NephropathyTanshinone IIA Oxidative stress2DE[61]
 DiabetesGranules Apolipoprotein E (apoE) and C32DE, MALDI-TOF MS/MS [62]
 Type 2 diabetes mellitusZiBuPiYin recipeDRP-2 and PDHE1αFluorescence-based DIGE, MS[63]
 Type 2 diabetes mellitusTianqijiangtang capsuleHaptoglobin, transthyretin, and prothrombin2DE, MALDI-TOF-TOF/MS[64]
Other diseases
 Gan stagnancy syndromeTTR, aryl sulfotransferase2DE, MALDI-TOF MS[65]
 Functional dyspepsiaWei KangningGlutathione S-transferase, pi22DE, MALDI-TOF MS[66]
 Spontaneously hypertensiveFormulaHSP-27, annexin-A1, MFN-2, and Rho2DE, MALDI-TOF MS[67]
 Allergic airway Xiao-Qing-Long-TangSpectrin α22DE, MS, MS/MS[68]
 SilicosisGymnadenia conopseaCathepsin D precursor, peroxiredoxin-12DE, MALDI-TOF MS[69]
 Anxiety disordersPolysaccharidesBeta-synuclein, DJ-1, and peroxiredoxin-22DE/MS[70]
 NormalAcupunctureNAD-isocitrate dehydrogenase 2DE, MALDI-TOF MS[71]
 NormalAcupunctureLocal stimulus response, energy metabolism2DE/MS[72]
 AsthmaAcupunctureS100A8, RAGE, S100A11, and CC102DE, LC-MS/MS[73]