Research Article

Synergistic Effect of Ferulic Acid and Z-Ligustilide, Major Components of A. sinensis, on Regulating Cold-Sensing Protein TRPM8 and TPRA1 In Vitro

Figure 1

Contribution of Ca2+ store to TRPM8 and TRPA1 agonist-evoked Ca2+ signal. (a) Images of field of HASMC before (left) and during (right) 50 μM WS-12 (upper) and 50 μM ASP7663 (down) application. (b) WS-12 50 μM or ASP 50 μM-evoked calcium signal was measured in the absence or presence of ryanodine 30 μM or 2-APB 100 μM or xestospongin C 5 μM. Significant difference between control groups ().