Research Article

A Meta-Analysis of Arsenic Trioxide Combined with Transcatheter Arterial Chemoembolization for Treatment of Primary Hepatic Carcinoma

Table 2

The quality assessment facts of inclusion in literature.

Included studiesABCDE F G

Qi et al., 2003 [13]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Cui et al., 2006 [7]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Zhuang et al., 2006 [10]YesUnclearNoNoYesUnclearUnclear
Xie et al., 2007 [14]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Zhou et al., 2007 [15]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Wang, 2012 [5]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Kui et al., 2010 [11]UnclearUnclearNoNoYesUnclearUnclear
Huang, 2011 [4]YesYesNoYesUnclearUnclearUnclear
Zhang et al., 2011 [12]UnclearUnclearNoNoYesUnclearUnclear
Meng et al., 2012 [8]YesUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Xing, 2012 [9]YesUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Hu et al., 2014 [16]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Qian, 2014 [17]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Wan et al., 2014 [18]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Xiang, 2014 [19]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Meng et al., 2015 [20]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear
Yang and Li, 2015 [21]UnclearUnclearNoNoUnclearUnclearUnclear

Note: A: random sequence generation (selection bias); B: allocation concealment (selection bias); C: blinding of participants and personnel (performance bias); D: blinding of outcome assessment (detection bias); E: incomplete outcome data; F: selective reporting (reporting bias); G: other biases.