Research Article

Artisanal Extraction and Traditional Knowledge Associated with Medicinal Use of Crabwood Oil (Carapa guianensis Aublet.) in a Peri-Urban Várzea Environment in the Amazon Estuary

Figure 2

Stages of artisanal crabwood oil extraction in the Fazendinha PA, Macapá, Amapá, Brazil: (a) seed collection from the ground, underneath a crabwood tree; (b) washing seeds with clean water; (c) cooking seeds in an aluminium pan on a wood-burning stove; (d) shelling the seeds after 30-day resting; (e) kneading the dough; (f) oil collection from dough formed into balls; (g) dough in the form of a “loaf” with one of the community members creating a hole in the dough using a splint from an açai palm; (h) dough covered with a leaf from an aninga plant. Photos taken by Mariane Nardi Santos in 2012.