Figure 1: Effects of DCHJ on DC phenotype. ImDCs were prepared as described in Section 2. ImDCs and imDCs + LPS were stimulated with DCHJ (10% and 20%) for 48 h and then stained with FITC- or PE-conjugated antibodies against human CD86, CD11b, and HLA-DR. The corresponding isotype antibodies were used as negative controls. The expression of CD86, CD11b, and HLA-DR was detected by flow cytometry. (a) The numbers shown in the flow cytometry profiles are representative of positive cell percentages (%) and MFI. (b) The histograms represent quantification of the expression of the surface antigen of interest. Mean ± SD of data from three independent experiments is shown. , compared to the control group without LPS stimulation; ; , compared to the control group with LPS stimulation. DCHJ: Danchaiheji; MFI: mean fluorescence intensity.