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Oral Administration of Red Ginseng Extract Promotes Neurorestoration after Compressive Spinal Cord Injury in Rats

Figure 3

Oral administration of RGE ameliorated morphological damage to spinal cord at 14 days after SCI in rats. (a–f) Representative photomicrographs of MAP2 immunostaining in sections from spinal cords of pre-SCI rats and damaged spinal cords of rats at 7 and 14 days after SCI ((a), (c), and (e): vehicle (DDW); (b), (d), and (f): RGE (350 mg/kg/day); (a) and (b): pre-SCI; (c) and (d): 7 days after SCI; (e) and (f): 14 days after SCI). Scale bar = 200 μm. Cracks are observed in the white matter in and around the central canal ((c), (d), and (e), arrows). (g) Quantification of MAP2-positive cells in the ventral horn of injured spinal cord. There was a significant increase in neural density at day 14 in RGE-treated rats ( in each group). All values are presented as mean ± SD. indicates significantly higher values than vehicle-treated control.