Research Article

Goreisan Inhibits Upregulation of Aquaporin 4 and Formation of Cerebral Edema in the Rat Model of Juvenile Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephalopathy

Figure 6

AQP4 protein levels. (a) Protein levels of AQP4 in a juvenile model of HIE induced brain injury. Immunostaining of AQP4 (1) in brain sections is shown together with counterstaining of nuclei by Hoechst 33342 (2). Merged images are shown in (3). The lesion side (A, B) versus nonlesion side (C, D) of nontreated (A, C) and Goreisan (B, D) groups is presented. Typical localization of AQP4 on astrocyte end-feet was observed in the nonlesion side (C1 and D1) [to a lesser degree in the Goreisan (D1) group] and at prominently reduced levels in the lesion side (A1 and B1). (b–d) Representative western blots of AQP4 and β-actin and their quantification at (b) 12 h, (c) 48 h, and (d) 72 h in the lesion and nonlesion sides. Data are expressed as the median, range, and 25–75 percentiles. No significant difference was observed between the Goreisan and nontreated groups at 12 h (b) or 48 h (c). However, Goreisan significantly decreased AQP4 protein levels in the lesion side at 72 h. AQP4 protein levels were comparable between the lesion and nonlesion side in the nontreated groups at 72 h (d).