Research Article

Effect of Sheng-Jiang Powder on Obesity-Induced Multiple Organ Injuries in Rats

Figure 1

Study design of feeding methods and the body weight and Lee’s index of rats with high-fat diet feeding with/without Sheng-jiang powder (SJP) administration. Normal group (NG), obese group (OG), and SJP treatment group (SG). CD: chew diet; HFD: high-fat diet; NS: normal saline; SJP: Sheng-jiang powder. HF: high-fat diet feeding; HS: high-fat diet feeding and SJP administration. (a) Feeding and intervention methods of the study; (b) Lee’s index of rats before sacrifice; (c) body weight of rats in the three experimental groups during the whole process of feeding. The whole study lasted 12 weeks with 10 weeks’ administration of SJP (5 g/Kg) one time a day. All rats were sacrificed after 12 weeks’ feeding. indicates that < 0.05.