Research Article

Optimized-SopungSunkiwon, a Herbal Formula, Attenuates Aβ Oligomer-Induced Neurotoxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease Models

Figure 1

Neuroprotective effect of OSS on toxicity in PC12 cells. Cells were treated with OSS for 24 h without 1 μM (a). The cells were also treated with 1 μM AβO1–42 1 h after OSS treatment (b) or 1 h before OSS treatment (c). Cell viability was measured using by MTT assay. OSS treatment alone did not change their viability, while OSS pretreatment or posttreatment protected PC12 cells against -induced toxicity. Data are expressed as percentages relative to untreated controls. Values are indicated as the mean ± SEM. compared to the control group; and compared to the AβO1–42-only treated group.