Research Article

Optimized-SopungSunkiwon, a Herbal Formula, Attenuates Aβ Oligomer-Induced Neurotoxicity in Alzheimer’s Disease Models

Figure 6

Effect of OSS on -induced hippocampal reactive gliosis. Mice were treated with vehicle or OSS for 14 days, starting from 5 days before stereotaxic injection of . Reactive gliosis was determined using GFAP and mac-1 antibody. Quantification was performed by measuring the cell intensity of GFAP-positive (a) and mac-1-positive (b) cells in the hilus region of hippocampus. Representative photomicrographs are shown for the GFAP (c–g) and mac-1 (h–l) stained cells from each group (400x magnification). Scale bar = 50 μm. (c, h) Sham-operated group; (d, i) only treated group; (e, j) + OSS 50 mg/kg/day group; (f, k) + OSS 100 mg/kg/day group; (g, l) + OSS 200 mg/kg/day group. Data are expressed as percentages relative to sham-operated group. Values are indicated as the mean ± SEM. compared to sham-operated group; and compared to the -only treated group.