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Review Article

Brazilian Amazon Traditional Medicine and the Treatment of Difficult to Heal Leishmaniasis Wounds with Copaifera

Table 2

Major metabolites of Copaifera used in traditional Amazon medicine.

SpeciesMedical usePartMajor metabolitesReferences

Copaifera sp.Treatment of injury/woundOil; teaCopalic acid; kaurenoic acid; hardwickiic acidPinto, 2008 [11];
Santos et al., 2008 [10]

C. multijugaHealingStalk (decoction)Copalic acid; hardwickiic acidCenter of the Workers of the Amazon (CTA), 1996 [12];
Santos et al., 2008 [10]

C. guyanensisHealingStalk: oilKaur-16-en-19-oic acid; polyalthic acid; hardwickiic acidVeiga Jr. and Pinto, 2002 [13];
Cascon and Gilbert, 2000 [14]

C. officinalis (Jacq.) L.Healing and leishmaniasisStalk: oilCenter of the Workers of the Amazon (CTA), 1996 [12]

C. reticulataHealingOil: oilCopalic acid; kaurenoic acidSantos et al., 2008 [10]