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Research Article

Potent Phosphodiesterase Inhibition and Nitric Oxide Release Stimulation of Anti-Impotence Thai Medicinal Plants from “MANOSROI III” Database

Table 1

Seven medicinal plants selected from the Thai medicinal plant recipe database “MANOSROI III” and their extracts.

NumberMedicinal plantsPreparation of the extracts
CodeBotanical nameFamilyPart used Recipe preparation indicationExtract code% yield (w/w)Physical appearance of the extracts

1EDP1-001Boesenbergia rotunda (L.) Mansf.ZingiberaceaeRhizomeAEDP1-001(1)10.80Brown, slightly viscous semisolid
BEDP1-001(2)8.15Light brown, powder
DEDP1-001(3)6.85Brown, slightly viscous semisolid

2EDP1-002Piper nigrum Linn.PiperaceaeWhite seedAEDP1-002(1)2.55Dark brown, viscous semisolid
BEDP1-002(2)1.45Light brown, powder

3EDP1-003Diospyros rhodocalyx Kurz.EbenaceaeWholeAEDP1-0036.60Dark brown, viscous semisolid

4EDP1-004Piper nigrum Linn.PiperaceaeBlack seedAEDP1-0044.30Dark brown, viscous semisolid

5EDP2-001Plumbago indica Linn.PlumbaginaceaeWholeAEDP2-001(1)22.90Dark brown, slightly viscous semisolid
CEDP2-001(2)26.60Dark brown, viscous semisolid
DEDP2-001(3)24.20Red-brown, slightly viscous semisolid

6EDP2-002Piper nigrum Linn.PiperaceaeBlack seedCEDP2-002(1)5.60Dark brown, slightly viscous semi-solid
DEDP2-002(2)5.20Dark brown, slightly viscous semisolid

7EDP2-003Piper interruptum OpizPiperaceaeWholeAEDP2-003(1)16.30Dark brown, slightly viscous semisolid
BEDP2-003(2)6.45Dark brown, slightly viscous semisolid
DEDP2-003(3)15.00Red-brown, viscous semisolid

Method A: the recipes were orally administered together with honey or molded as traditional pills. Method B: the recipes were boiled with water. Method C: the recipes were used as an infusion. Method D: the recipes were orally administered as a herbal liquor.