Research Article

The Antibacterial Activity of Mass Galla Chinesis et Camelliae Fermentata on Helicobacter pylori Infection

Table 3

H. pylori eradication rates.

GroupRUT (n)W-S staining (n)Eradication rate

Blank control66-
H. pylori control020/11
Triple therapy111010/11
CGL-high dosage464/10▲#
CGL-medium dosage454/11#
CGL-low dosage232/11#

, versus Helicobacter pylori group; #, versus triple therapy. Blank control group: ; Helicobacter pylori group: ; triple therapy group: ; CGL-high dosage group: ; CGL-medium dosage group: ; CGL-low dosage group: . RUT: rapid urease test; CGL: Mass Galla chinesis et camelliae Fermentata.